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autumn laser hair removal

Autumn Laser Hair Removal

Summer is over, but think ahead – autumn is the ideal time for laser hair removal! Here are our top reasons for choosing this as the season to make a start on treatment… Top 5 Reasons… for Autumn Laser Hair Removal Results – the skin is naturally at its palest, meaning the contrast with hair is […]


Hirsutism, Causes and Treatment Options

Excessive Hair Growth Hirsutism is a condition which relates to excessive or superfluous hair. The hair tends to be not only plentiful, but also often a coarse, thick texture. The most common cause of hirsutism is excessive androgens (male sex hormone).  Certain drugs can also cause the problem. It is a more common problem than […]

laser for hair loss

How Lasers Can Stimulate Hair Growth

Laser hair removal is clearly about getting rid of hair, but now a laser treatments are also available to stimulate hair growth. It can be a bit confusing to understand how the same technology can be used in two completely opposite ways! The key difference is how the laser energy is used and applied. The technology used […]

leg hair removal

Telegraph Beauty Blushes: Ingrown Hairs

How to prevent and get rid of ingrown hairs The Telegraph Beauty Blushes The Telegraph’s Beauty Blushes series looks at embarrassing beauty, skin, face and body questions.  The latest piece concerns the issue of ingrown hairs, which can cause a great deal of difficulty. Beauty Editor Victoria Hall explains: “Ingrown hairs don’t affect everyone, but […]


Laser Hair Removal Eye Safety Information

The lasers used in hair removal treatment are so powerful that they effectively stop hair from regrowing.  However, that energy requires a series of safety measures in order to keep both the patient and laser hair removal technician safe. One of the key areas to consider is in eyewear. Laser Risks to Eye Health Laser energy […]

brazilian laser hair removal

1 in 4 DIY Pubic Grooming Leads to Injury

Cuts, Burns and Rashes from Pubic Hair Removal Research Study According to a new research study published in JAMA Dermatology, a quarter of those who groom their own pubic hair have sustained an injury. The USA-based online research showed that 76% of 7,456 adults remove some or all of their pubic hair, but 27% of women […]

threading facial hair removal

Threading Top Lip Hair Removal

What is Threading? Threading is an ancient method of hair removal which is still very popular method for removing facial, top lip and eyebrow hair, especially in India. This traditional Eastern method is done by holding a piece of cotton thread between the mouth and fingers. The thread is worked so that it loops around and […]

question mark

Hair Removal Cream Pros and Cons

Depilatory Creams Hair removal cream is a chemical-based solution for dealing with unwanted hair at home. Depilatory creams contain chemicals which work to dissolve the hair at the skin’s surface so that it can be scraped away, leaving skin smooth and hair-free until the hair grows back. The creams are generally have to be used around weekly […]

transgender laser hair removal

Transgender Laser Hair Removal

For transgender patients, addressing facial and body hair is one of the key issues that affects appearance for those transitioning from male to female.  Facial hair is a sign of masculinity which can cause some concern and some patients find that even with daily shaving, it is very hard to conceal the stubble by the […]

laser hair removal summer

Holiday Planning for Laser Hair Removal

How To Manage Your Treatment Schedule Most people having laser hair removal tend to book a course of treatments.  However, what do you do if your holidays clash with a laser hair removal session? Don’t panic. The answer is simply to plan around the holiday. Contact your laser hair removal centre as early as possible […]

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