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threading facial hair removal

Threading Top Lip Hair Removal

What is Threading? Threading is an ancient method of hair removal which is still very popular method for removing facial, top lip and eyebrow hair, especially in India. This traditional Eastern method is done by holding a piece of cotton thread between the mouth and fingers. The thread is worked so that it loops around and […]

question mark

Hair Removal Cream Pros and Cons

Depilatory Creams Hair removal cream is a chemical-based solution for dealing with unwanted hair at home. Depilatory creams contain chemicals which work to dissolve the hair at the skin’s surface so that it can be scraped away, leaving skin smooth and hair-free until the hair grows back. The creams are generally have to be used around weekly […]

transgender laser hair removal

Transgender Laser Hair Removal

For transgender patients, addressing facial and body hair is one of the key issues that affects appearance for those transitioning from male to female.  Facial hair is a sign of masculinity which can cause some concern and some patients find that even with daily shaving, it is very hard to conceal the stubble by the […]

laser hair removal summer

Holiday Planning for Laser Hair Removal

How To Manage Your Treatment Schedule Most people having laser hair removal tend to book a course of treatments.  However, what do you do if your holidays clash with a laser hair removal session? Don’t panic. The answer is simply to plan around the holiday. Contact your laser hair removal centre as early as possible […]

shaving razor

Razor Hygiene Risks

An article in the Telegraph exposes a few facts about using a razor which may make you think twice about your shaving habits. The feature reveals that most women do not change their razor regularly enough, increasing the risks of skin damage and infections. Razor manufacturer Gillette recommends changing razors after just 3 uses, but […]

special offers laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal Discounts

Quinn Clinics’ Bristol Laser Hair Removal Centre has updated their popular special offers on laser hair removal for the month of July. The Laser Hair Removal discounts available mean that savings of up to £500 can be made, depending on the course chosen. There are options on facial hair removal, legs and bikini (a popular summer choice), male laser […]

in the news

47% Considering Laser Hair Removal

Survey by American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) A survey of consumers has found that almost 70% are considering some kind of cosmetic procedure – double the figure in 2013 – and 47% are considering Laser Hair Removal. The top reasons people reported for cosmetic procedures were (in order of priority) to feel more confident to look […]

question mark

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Bristol Laser Hair Removal Centre Quinn Clinics’ Bristol Laser Hair Removal centre has launched a new compilation of FAQ. The laser hair removal FAQ page covers a series of commonly asked questions including: What Age Can I have Laser Hair Removal? Can I have laser hair removal after skin cancer? Are there any issues with medication? […]

male laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal for Male Swimmers

Competitive swimmers could speed up their times in the pool as well as in preparation by considering laser hair removal. For swimming competitions, every tiny little factor to improve performance must be considered. That’s why many male swimmers join their female counterparts in shaving body hair. Male body hair can cause a certain element of […]

chilltip laser

Lumenis LightSheer ChillTip™ Cooling

For Safety and Effectiveness in Laser Hair Removal The Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE machine is referred to as a “gold standard laser” hair removal system and one of the key features giving it that distinction is the ChillTip™ in-built cooling system. ChillTip™ is designed to protect the skin during laser hair removal by preventing it from overheating during […]

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