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Get Bikini Ready with Laser Hair Removal Offer

bikini laser hairAre you bikini ready this year?

Whether your preference is Hollywood, Brazilian or just some light trimming round the edges, bikini lines are something that must be considered before your holidays; as the sight of any stray hairs peeking round the edges of your bikini is just not something you want to share on the beach.

Some women maintain well-groomed bikini area all year long, but for others, it’s more of a seasonal issue and a part of last-minute holiday preparations.

So wouldn’t it be nice if you just didn’t have to think about the bikini area?

Laser Hair Removal

Worry-Free Bikini Line

Laser hair removal is the worry-free option for bikini line maintenance; as a course of treatment gives long-term hair removal results. It generally won’t get rid of 100% of the hair, but the reduction is so significant that you’ll have very little left to worry about.

What’s more, the treatment destroys hair at the follicle, so there is no stubbly regrowth either, leaving just smooth and hair-free skin.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal Prices

  • Standard Bikini
    £80 single treatment, £400 course of six
  • Extended bikini
    £115 single treatment, £575 course of six
  • Brazilian Bikini
    £160 single treatment, £800 course of six
  • Hollywood Bikini OR half leg
    £172 single treatment, £860 course of six

Special Offer

Hollywood or Brazilian now £600

  • Save £360 on Brazilian, save  £432 on Hollywood bikini line!
  • Treatment now £600 for course of 6 (compared to the price of purchasing 6 single treatments)
  • Offer expires end of July 2018
  • More special offers and further information


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