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Laser Hair Removal with Built-In Cooler

Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE with ChillTip™ Cooling

Some laser hair removal or IPL systems can feel uncomfortably hot during treatment. That is not the case with Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE machine, which has a ChillTip™ system which cools the skin as it works.

Keeping the skin cool during laser hair removal protects it and prevents it from overheating. It is a feature which has significant safety benefits, as well as improving the comfort and experience of having laser hair removal.

However, there is also an efficiency benefit.  The ChillTip™ compresses the skin, which actually brings the hair follicles closer to the surface of the skin. This means that Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE laser hair removal is particularly efficient in reaching and destroying the hair follicle to prevent regrowth.

ChillTip™ Technology

chilltip laser

Video: Lumenis LightSheer Laser Hair Removal


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