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Telegraph Beauty Blushes: Ingrown Hairs

How to prevent and get rid of ingrown hairs

The Telegraph Beauty Blushes

leg hair removalThe Telegraph’s Beauty Blushes series looks at embarrassing beauty, skin, face and body questions. 

The latest piece concerns the issue of ingrown hairs, which can cause a great deal of difficulty.

Beauty Editor Victoria Hall explains:

“Ingrown hairs don’t affect everyone, but if you’re someone that battles with them then you know that they can be a huge inconvenience. You might also know that picking the ingrown on your neck or along your bikini line can result in a sore, unsightly boil forming that’s three times the size of the initial hair follicle.”

Ingrown hairs appear where the hair isn’t strong enough to pierce the skin, where a natural curl pushes it in the wrong direction so that it grows back into the skin, or where the skin is thick or blocked.

Treating Ingrown Hairs

A small ingrown hair may be left to sort itself out, but difficult ones may need teasing out with sterile tweezers or even (taking great care!) a needle.

Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Exfoliation is important to get rid of dry skin and unblock pores. Skin should be well hydrated to avoid it drying out.

The Telegraph feature recommends certain products for those with ongoing ingrown hair problems.

Laser Hair Removal

The ultimate solution is laser hair removal. As the feature explains:

“If you want a longer-lasting result, then it might be worth looking into laser hair removal as this will reduce the amount of hair and as a result, the potential for ingrowns.”

Read feature in full:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/beauty/body/prevent-get-rid-ingrown-hairs/

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is the ideal long-term solution for clients who are inclined to suffer with ingrown hairs.  This treatment destroys hair at the follicle so that it simply cannot regrow. Skin is left smooth and hair-free.


Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre in Clifton offers laser hair removal with fully trained staff.  As Quinn Clinics is a doctor owned and led business, clinical standards are very high.


While many competitors charge for the initial consultation, at Quinn Clinics there is a free consultation and skin more without any pressure.

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