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1 in 4 DIY Pubic Grooming Leads to Injury

Cuts, Burns and Rashes from Pubic Hair Removal

Research Study

brazilian laser hair removal

According to a new research study published in JAMA Dermatology, a quarter of those who groom their own pubic hair have sustained an injury.

The USA-based online research showed that 76% of 7,456 adults remove some or all of their pubic hair, but 27% of women and 24% of men had suffered a mishap in doing so. 1.4% sought medical attention for the result of the job. 2.5% of those who reported injuries said they needed surgical intervention, e.g. stitches, draining abscesses.

The vast majority (over 85%) did the hair removal themselves with only 4% seeing a professional and 9.5% asking a partner or friend to help.

Accidental cuts from shaving were the most common problem, with 61% of those suffering injuries having suffered.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for the research team said:

“You are getting at all the nooks and crannies of your body – you are going to get places you can’t see very well and that probably in turn leads to a greater likelihood of getting injured.”

“Razors were associated most [with injury], but they may be the ones that are by far used the most,” he said. “Using electric shavers seems to be not associated with high degrees of injury – probably because you are just less likely to get cut – but you don’t get as fine a shave.”

23% had burns (either from waxing or depilatory cream).

The advice concludes:

“If you have had an injury, think about altering your practices. The things that we know can be protective is doing it just a little less frequently, and also taking off less hair in total, treating fewer areas.”

Laser Bikini Line Treatments

Laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction and a safer alternative to DIY hair removal via shaving.

Laser hair removal is offered at Quinn Clinics in Bristol with highly trained laser hair removal technicians. Options and prices for bikini line hair removal include:

  • Standard Bikini
    £80 single treatment, £400 course of six
  • Brazilian Bikini
    £160 single treatment, £800 course of six
  • Hollywood Bikini 
    £172 single treatment, £860 course of six


If you would like to discover the benefits of laser hair removal for yourself, contact Quinn Clinics for a free of charge hair removal consultation.

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