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Threading Top Lip Hair Removal

What is Threading?

threading facial hair removal

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal which is still very popular method for removing facial, top lip and eyebrow hair, especially in India.

This traditional Eastern method is done by holding a piece of cotton thread between the mouth and fingers. The thread is worked so that it loops around and traps hair, then pulls it out in a series of quick, successive movements.

You can do it yourself, but it isn’t easy, so it is best you get it done professionally. Threading has risen in popularity in recent years, as bars have cropped up in shopping centres and department stores as well as beauty salons. However, the main treatment carried out is eyebrow maintenance, as the fashion for ultra-groomed brows has driven demand higher.

Top Lip Hair Removal

Advantages of Threading

  • Fast way of removing hair
  • Simple
  • No chemicals
  • Inexpensive
  • Hair is plucked from the roots, so lasts longer than shaving.  2-3 weeks
  • No risk of cuts (compared to shaving)

Disadvantages of Threading

  • Quite painful – especially on sensitive areas such as top lip
  • Can cause rash, redness, irritation
  • Can be embarrassing to be treated in public (i.e shopping centre brow bars)
  • Can result in ingrown hairs
  • Can cause hair breakage rather than removal
  • Other possible side effects include hyper- and hypo pigmentation, inflammation of the follicles (folliculitis), skin bumps

Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to the top lip area, Laser Hair Removal is an excellent alternative to threading. The treatment destroys hair at the follicle so that it simply cannot regrow. Skin is left smooth and stubble-free and results are long-lasting.

Some clients are concerned that their colouring is not suitable for laser hair removal. However, the latest technology is a lot more adaptable than ever before, so it is best to take advice from an experienced laser technician.


Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre in Clifton offers laser hair removal with fully trained staff.  As Quinn Clinics is a doctor owned and led business, clinical standards are very high.


While many competitors charge for the initial consultation, at Quinn Clinics there is a free consultation and skin more without any pressure.

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