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Transgender Laser Hair Removal

transgender laser hair removal

For transgender patients, addressing facial and body hair is one of the key issues that affects appearance for those transitioning from male to female. 

Facial hair is a sign of masculinity which can cause some concern and some patients find that even with daily shaving, it is very hard to conceal the stubble by the end of the day.

That’s why the NHS fund laser hair removal as part of the transgender transition. However, the subject is somewhat controversial, as the level of funding is not seen to be high enough to treat hair properly. When it comes to gender reassignment, waiting lists are long.

Lexi Lyrux, Visual artist, YouTuber and transgender female, shared her plans with Huffington Post this month. She is raising funds through Just Giving for private treatment, starting with laser hair removal and then proceeding through a range of treatments and surgeries to full gender reassignment

“After finding out that it would take up to four to five years just to be seen by a Gender Identity Clinic, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and try my luck with crowdfunding.

“I did extensive research into the NHS pathway of transitioning and learnt that the service does not fulfil patients needs, as they only provide 5 sessions of laser hair removal (not enough to even get rid of a beard), and only provide hormones.

“Then after a 10 year plus waiting list, you can finally have the gender reassignment surgery (GRS). You cannot have breast augmentation on the NHS, as it is considered to be cosmetic. I cannot have my youth escape me whilst being in the wrong body, as I desperately need to be Lexi now. As a soon to be student, I will not have the money during my 3 year course to transition, and will not be able to afford it furthermore, as after my course I will be in significant debt.

“I am trying to raise money through my crowdfunding page to start my transition in the UK, by having laser hair removal, go on hormones and freeze my sperm count. I will then go full time, a term used to described a trans person living everyday and presenting everyday as the opposite sex.

“I then hope to have my important surgeries, such as Facial Feminization, so I can have a female looking face, which I will need to pass as a woman, and to look how I perceive myself in my head. I then hope to have Breast Augmentation, and the important Gender Reassignment Surgery.”

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is now widely available as private treatment. The treatment kills the individual hair follicles while in their ‘active’ phase so that hair cannot regrow. A course is recommended for best results in order to ensure that the maximum amount of hair is treated at optimum intervals.

This means enjoying smooth skin every day without having to worry about the appearance of excessive hair.

Men, women, transgender and transitioning patients are all very welcome at Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre based in Clifton, Bristol; where our staff are expert in treating all types of facial and body hair.


If you would like to discover the benefits of laser hair removal for yourself, contact Quinn Clinics for a free of charge hair removal consultation.

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