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Laser Hair Removal and STIs

Is Bikini Hair Removal Linked to STI Risk?

Sexually Transmitted Infections and Intimate Grooming

brazilian laser hair removal

According to a research study published last year in BMJ Journals, observational data suggested that there may be ‘a potential link between frequent, intense pubic hair grooming and increased exposure to a host of STIs’.

However, there is more than meets the eye to this headline-grabbing outcome. Factors include:

  • If hair is removed via shaving, any wounds may be open to bacterial or viral STIs
  • Researchers found that groomers were often younger and more sexually active than non-groomers
  • Those who removed all of pubic hair more than 11 times per year had the greatest number of sexual partners which is in itself a heightened risk of STI

Assessing the The Scientist concluded:

“Because of the study’s observational design, it is impossible to determine causation based on these results.

“And although the authors attempted to control for lifetime sexual partners and other confounding variables, it remains possible that pubic hair grooming is a marker not of increased STI risk, but of increased likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behaviors.”

Bikini Line Treatments

There are many reasons for wanting to be hair-free or ‘tidy’ in the bikini area and the above points to no medical concerns in terms of the concept of being hair-free.

However, it also shows that shaving may be a risk. Professional treatments are another option. Laser hair removal  offers permanent hair reduction, ending the need for embarrassing waxes and offering a safer alternative to DIY hair removal.

Laser hair removal is offered at Quinn Clinics in Bristol with highly trained laser hair removal technicians. Options and prices for bikini line hair remova include:

  • Standard Bikini
    £80 single treatment, £400 course of six
  • Brazilian Bikini
    £160 single treatment, £800 course of six
  • Hollywood Bikini 
    £172 single treatment, £860 course of six


If you would like to discover the benefits of laser hair removal for yourself, contact Quinn Clinics for a free of charge hair removal consultation.

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