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Hair Removal – Ancient History


For modern women, it is quite the norm to deal with unwanted hair on the body or face.

Yet body and facial hair are entirely natural – so when and why did women start to remove it?

The history of female hair removal goes back to ancient Egypt, where body hair removal began with women removing pretty much all of their hair as it was seen as ‘uncivilised’. Hair removal was carried out with tweezers, pumice stones or beeswax.

Ancient Greek women would remove pubic hair with tweezers, while in Rome, the upper class women also removed body hair.

More recently – and closer to home – in the days of Queen Elizabeth 1st, the fashion for sculpting eyebrows and removing downy facial hair was set. Women used ammonia and walnut oil to remove hair.


20th Century Hair Removal

In 1915, the development of the first women’s body hair razor together with advertising imagery made hair removal attractive and available by providing the necessary tool for the job.

In the latter half of the 20th century it became very unusual to see hairy armpits or legs.

21st Century Hair Removal

Now in 2017, permanent hair removal treatments are more popular than ever before, with laser hair removal  offering women the best of both worlds – hair-free skin without having to worry about daily shaving or painful waxing.

Laser machine technology advances make the experience more efficient, safer and more comfortable than ever before.


Laser hair removal  is offered at Quinn Clinics in Bristol with highly trained laser hair removal technicians.

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