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Wedding Laser Hair Removal

wedding laser hair removalPopular Treatment for Brides to Be?

According to Brides.com, laser hair removal is now a popular treatment for brides planning a wedding.

Source: http://www.brides.com/story/wedding-laser-hair-removal

Unsurprising really, as laser hair removal offers a series of surprising benefits that would specifically appeal to those planning a wedding:

  • Smooth, hair free skin for the wedding day – no worries about shaving or razor burn; no irritating creams, or rashes after waxing. Laser hair removal leaves the skin hair free and smooth.
  • Hassle-free maintenance, means that hair removal becomes a much less regular exercise – so you can focus on enjoying the honeymoon and wearing that little bikini without having to worry about body hair

Planning Treatment Before a Wedding

Brides.com advise the treatment is planned well in advance:

“It usually takes approximately six sessions, spaced six to eight weeks apart, to yield permanent results. So it’s best to book your first session six to nine months before your wedding date.”

However, there’s no need to panic if the wedding is sooner than that, it just means that the course of treatment may not be fully complete.  Due to the hair growth cycle, each successive treatment tackles a different ‘batch’ of hair growth. So if all sessions haven’t been completed, there will be more hair growth than if they have. Still, the benefit of laser hair removal is generally noticeable from the first session, as there is less remaining hair with each successive treatment.

If your course of treatment isn’t finished in time for the wedding, simply finish when you come back.

Sun Exposure

One other factor to bear in mind is the need to avoid sun exposure after treatment (as the skin will be more sensitive to the sun) AND to avoid sun exposure before treatment too (to ensure maximum colour contrast i.e. that the skin is pale and the hair is dark).


Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre in Clifton sees many patients each year for laser hair removal. Our therapists can help to plan the optimum timing with respect to weddings, holidays or other major events.

Staff are fully trained and as Quinn Clinics is a doctor owned and led business, clinical standards are very high.


While many competitors charge for the initial consultation, at Quinn Clinics there is a free consultation and skin more without any pressure.

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