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Special Offer: Lip & Chin Laser Hair Removal

Discount Facial Hair Package

Quinn Clinics based in Clifton, Bristol has announced a special offer for facial laser hair removal.

Having the top lip treated is a very popular option, as women are increasingly seeing this as an essential part of their grooming routines. Laser hair removal gives smooth, hair-free skin with long-lasting results and is an excellent alternative to creams or waxing. Having the chin treated at the same time gives a comprehensive finish for facial hair, attending to any ‘rogue’ hairs, or chin hair growth.

facial hair removalFacial Laser Hair Removal Offer

  • Lip and chin package £200 for course of 6
  • Saves £418 on separate prices
  • (per session costs usually £46 lip, £57 chin)
  • Offer expires end of November 2016

Why Winter?

Winter is an excellent time to start treatment for laser hair removal on facial areas for a number of reasons:

  • After treatment, patients will be advised to be cautious with regard to the sun as newly treated skin is quite delicate. In the winter, this is easier, as shorter, cooler days and the sun being further away make the risk of sunburn much lower. A good quality SPF sunscreen is still advised for maximum protection
  • In winter, patients tend to have paler skin (less tan) and darker hair (less sun-bleached). This makes the contrast between hair and skin at its greatest, which is the best scenario for laser beams to seek and destroy the hair follicles so that hair cannot regrow

More Special Offers

The latest special offers for women also include:

  1. Leg & Bikini package – saving £500
  2. Bikini special (Hollywood or Brazilian) – save up to £432
  3. Popular areas (underarms or standard bikini) – save up to £200
  4. Off-peak laser – save 20%
  5. 6 treatments for the price of 5 – save 15%

See our special offers page for more information


If you would like to discover the benefits of laser hair removal for yourself, contact Quinn Clinics for a free of charge hair removal consultation.

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