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What is Manscaping?

Buzzword Explained

male-laser-hair-removalWhen it comes to hair removal for men, one of the big trends this year has coined its own buzzword – manscaping.

The Oxford dictionary defines Manscaping as an informal, humorous noun, meaning:

“The removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic purposes.”

The origin of the word is recent,

“Early 21st century: blend of man and landscaping.”

So manscaping is hair removal – landscaping for men!

The dictionary also gives a few examples of use of the word:

“say what you will about manscaping—the woolly mammoth died out for a reason”

“He performs daily “manscaping” on his chest hair.”

Even disposable razor manufacturer Gillette has got in on the trend, issuing tips for manscaping, introduced with “Navigate sensitive areas with these manscaping tips from Gillette®. Learn to shave your chest, back, pubic hair, and everything else.”

Shaving sensitive areas such as the groin or hard to reach areas such as the back can be tricky and often needs a helpful partner. Sadly, the results of shaving only last a few days, so it is a short term solution to any hair problem.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal clinics are seeing a clear growth in men having laser hair removal, as the process of laser hair removal leaves long-lasting results in terms of hair reduction.

Men who shave their body hair regularly are attracted by the long-term benefits of laser hair reduction, which works by destroying the follicle so that the hair cannot regrow.

Men are very welcome at Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre based in Clifton, Bristol.

Male Laser Hair Removal Offer


Quinn Clinics are currently offering a saving on laser hair removal for the shoulders:

  • Course of 6 treatments for shoulders £500
  • Saves £360 on standard prices
  • (normal price £860)
  • Offer expires end of November 2016


If you would like to discover the benefits of laser hair removal for yourself, contact Quinn Clinics for a free of charge hair removal consultation.

The clinic is owned and run by Dr John Quinn, who ensures a high standards of clinical practice throughout.

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