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Summer Holiday Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal summerGoing on holiday is a prime time to consider laser hair removal.

There are a number of benefits to having permanent hair reduction which really come into their own at holiday time.

Firstly, of course, laser hair removal means that you could benefit from hair-free skin without the need for daily shaving. This in turn means:

  • No more smoothing suncream into stubbly legs
  • No irritations, redness or sensitivity caused by putting suncream on after shaving or exposing freshly shaved skin to the sun
  • Confidence to go out without thinking about hair removal
  • Less time spent in the shower and more on the beach

Laser hair removal can make a huge difference to your holiday

Laser Hair Removal and Sun Safety

The key thing to bear in mind with regard to laser hair removal is to plan the timing, as you will need to avoid sun exposure (including tanning beds) both before and after treatment.

This is for two reasons:

  1. Effectiveness – Laser removal works by seeking out colour contrast between the skin and the hair – so the ideal combination is pale/untanned skin and dark/unbleached hair
  2. Safety – After treatment, the skin is more sensitive and prone to sun damage

So if you’re planning laser hair removal before a big holiday, you can still go ahead, but you will be advised to cover up with clothing and a high protection sunscreen. It will be worth it in the long run!

Of course it also depends on a couple of other issues…

  1. Location – If you’re staying to holiday in a cooler climate and not sunburning then this may not apply
  2. Area being treated – Underarms and Bikini Line tend not to be exposed to the sun anyway and both will give excellent benefits as a pre-holiday treatment

For further advice on laser hair removal in the summer, please contact our experienced team for advice.



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This is an opportunity to meet the laser hair removal technician and discuss all aspects of the treatment including timing and aftercare. A test patch can be carried out too.

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