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Laser Hair Removal Not Cancerous Say Doctors

laser hair removal cancerSome people may be unsure about the idea of laser hair removal, due to fear that the laser rays may cause cancer. 

However, experts have explained that the type of rays used in the popular hair reduction procedure are not the same as those that are known to cause cancer.

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, said laser hair removal treatments use non-ionizing radiation. Light energy from lasers doesn’t penetrate beyond the follicle, it works at skin level and doesn’t reach internal organs or damage DNA; so laser hair removal doesn’t cause cancer. This is very different from high-frequency ionizing radiation such as X-rays, which can damage cell DNA and are cancer risks.

Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist in New York City told FoxNews.com:

“As of now, no research has showed the light energy from hair removal lasers can cause cancer.

“But there are some risks involved like redness, scarring and discoloration in the treated area”

So laser hair removal should be considered safe at least in terms of any concern about cancer. In terms of cancer risk, the sun is a much greater threat than laser hair removal, as UVA and UVB rays have been shown to be the primary causes of skin cancer.

It is, however, sensible to choose carefully due to the risk of (non-cancerous) skin damage.

Laser Hair Removal – What to Look For

  1. EQUIPMENT – quality, specification, type and standard of equipment does vary. Cases of damage to the skin tend to be more associated with cheaper systems or alternative technologies.
  2. PRACTITIONER – there are no minimum qualification standards for carrying out laser hair removal, literally anybody can do it. Ask what qualifications your laser hair removal practitioner has.
  3. CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES – Do provide full disclosure of any medical history including medications and previous treatments. Follow all recommended protocols regarding before and aftercare, such as when to shave the hair prior to appointment or limiting the skin’s exposure to the sun before and after treatment.

For more information, see Quinn Clinics’ Guide to Laser Hair Removal.


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