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Plan Laser Hair removal for a Comfortable Experience

calendar monthlyIf you’re thinking of having laser hair removal, it pays to think about the timing of it, your choice of system and any preparation/aftercare.


Firstly, choose your technology carefully. Not all systems are the same and there are some fundamental differences between laser vs IPL.

A lot of clients who have had or heard bad horror stories about laser hair removal would have actually had IPL, which is a far less comfortable experience based on inferior technology.


Consider the timing of treatment carefully as a few adjustments can improve the experience.

Firstly, bear in mind that sun exposure both before and after treatment are to be avoided.

Secondly, some laser hair removal technicians consider that the skin is more sensitive at certain times of the month, so avoid treatment the week running up to menstruation (periods).


Keeping the skin cool before, during and after treatment makes the process more comfortable. There are a number of approaches here which can be tailored depending on the machine and the area being treated:

  • Ice packs can be used to cool or numb the skin prior to treatment
  • Some machines include cooling fans or tips to keep the skin at a cool temperature as the laser passes over it
  • Cooling can then be used after treatment, reapplying an ice pack to take any heat out of the skin
  • Cooling gel or cream can then be applied – aloe vera gel is a good choice as this is based on naturally cooling ingredients. Clients can reapply this at home to keep the skin cool and well hydrated

Laser Hair Removal Advice


Quinn Clinics based in Bristol offer a free consultation and skin test without any pressure.

This is an opportunity to meet the laser hair removal technician and discuss all aspects of the treatment including timing and aftercare. A test patch can be carried out too.

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