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Arm Hair Removal Soars

arm hairDaily Mail Online

According to a FEMAIL feature, hair removal of the arms is on the rise

“Beauty experts have reported a soaring demand for arm hair removal services, from waxing to de-fuzzing with lasers, and in a recent global survey, 28.6 per cent of women admitted to regularly removing forearm hair, even though it is barely visible, at home.”

Recent weeks have seen celebrities widely criticised for displaying hairy arms. There is even an online forum devoted to Candice Swaenpoel’s hairy arms. But this issue isn’t just for the famous.

The Daily Mail feature shared the story of a London Mum of 4 whose fair, downy arm hair was criticised on Instagram, with one comment saying ‘Is it that hard to shave? At least laser the hair off . . . your arms would look much smoother and more feminine.’ while another said: ‘You have a lot of hair on your arms. Gross.’

Another story featured a receptionist and Mum who started removing airm hair after an unkind comment at work. She explained:

‘I had always known I had hairy arms, as I have pale skin and dark hair, but until then it never bothered me.

‘One day I was wearing a short-sleeved top in the office and one of my directors turned to me and he said: “You’ve got arms like a gorilla.” It was said in jest but it really hurt. I took it to heart.’

She used her daughter’s hair removal cream and hasn’t looked back:

‘I put it all over my arms and waited. When I washed it off, the hair was gone. I liked how it felt.’

She now uses the cream every fortnight, while her daughter shaves.

However, these treatments are temporary. More and more women are turning to laser hair removal for permanent hair reduction.

Laser Hair Removal for Arm Hair

Those with dark hair are likely to find hairy arms more obvious because the hair contrasts against pale skin; but this is the ideal combination for laser treatment, as the laser seeks out contrast of colour and works to destroy the follicle so that the hair cannot regrow.

Treatment offers permanent results in hair reduction.


Quinn Clinics offers professional laser hair removal at their Clifton/Bristol clinic with a choice of two machines. Prices start at £46 and discounts are available for courses of treatment.

A consultation with Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal therapist includes a free skin test. To arrange a free laser hair removal consultation, please contact Quinn Clinics.

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