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Menopause and Facial Hair

laser facial hairUp to 15% of women experience unwanted facial hair growth as a result of the menopause, according to the North American Menopause Society.

This can appear on:

  • chin
  • upper lip
  • cheeks

The appearance of female facial hair can make women feel very self conscious.

Changes in oestrogen and androgen levels during menopause are to blame for these changes in our body hair and can make it appear to grow more quickly or thickly. For many women, facial hair starts to be a lot more obvious and require attention where it previously might not have.

There are a number of standard solutions for getting rid of unwanted chin hair, but laser hair removal is by far the most effective. Laser treatment works to damage the hair follicle to slow down  or stop hair growth. It is especially effective on dark hair with light skin, which is when facial hair is most noticeable for patients

Other solutions for facial hair tend to compare less well:

  • Tweezing – a temporary solution, best for dealing with a couple of stray hairs. it can be painful and you will need to let the hair grow out between treatments
  • Bleaching – a temporary solution, best where the hair is fine
  • Waxing – can be uncomfortable and may irritate facial skin
  • Creams – again temporary and you do still need to wait a while between applications.
  • Shaving –  a quick way to get rid of a hair, but you will need to constantly shave if you have multiple hairs
  • Electrolysis – can be fairly uncomfortable and time-consuming as it only treats a follicle at a time


Quinn Clinics offers professional laser hair removal at their Clifton/Bristol clinic with a choice of two machines, both of which are suitable for use on the face as well as body. This means that the most appropriate can be selected according to the hair and skin type in order to get best results on small or delicate areas.,

A consultation with Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal therapist includes a free skin test.

If you would like to arrange your free laser hair removal consultation, please contact Quinn Clinics.

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