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Is Laser Hair Removal Linked to Cancer?

question markA question occasionally raised is whether laser hair removal is linked to cancer.

The laser energy in hair removal procedures use non-ionizing radiation which is not known to be associated with any risk of cancer. No research has shown that the light energy from hair removal lasers can cause cancer, DNA damage or mutations. The light energy used in laser hair removal only acts superficially at the level of the skin, acting to destroy the hair follicle so that it can’t regrow.

Properly carried out, laser hair removal is a safe procedure and the main risk is short-term irritation or redness which can be soothed with aloe vera gel, ice packs and if necessary, ibuprofen. Clients should be given full advice about what to expect when the commence laser hair removal with advice on aftercare.

However, poor machines or inappropriate settings can also cause burns, so it is important to choose a suitably qualified practitioner with good laser equipment.

In terms of cancer risk, high frequency ionizing radiation such as X-rays and gamma rays pose the biggest risk as these can cause direct damage to a cell’s DNA and potentially lead to cancer later on. As laser hair removal uses non-ionizing radiation, this is not a factor.

Sun exposure is now established as a well-known cancer risk with long-term exposure and short term burns both known to increase the risk of melanoma. Laser hair removal does make the skin more sensitive to the sun and therefore the skin should be protected after treatment with high SPF sunscreen or the cover of clothing.


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