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Laser Hair Removal Destroys the Follicles

lightsheer desireThe secret to the success of laser hair removal for dealing with unwanted hair on the face or body is a very simple one. 

The laser actually destroys the follicle from which hairs grow.

When the follicle is disabled, the hair simply cannot come back in the future, which makes laser hair removal a very good long term option.

Other popular hair removal methods are less thorough.

  • Shaving chops off the end of the hair to the height of the skin, but the follicle below the skin’s surface is left intact so the hair grows back. What’s more it will grow back feeling bristlier than before, due to the blunted end of the hair
  • Waxing pulls the hair out of the follicle, but again, the follicle itself is not damaged in the process, so hair can just come back again, although over time with repeated waxes, there may be less growth overall.
  • Electrolysis does destroy the follicle, but only works one at a time so is not suitable or effective on larger areas

Laser Hair Removal Bristol

Quinn Clinics offers professional laser hair removal at their Clifton/Bristol clinic with a choice of two machines.

A consultation with Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal therapist includes a free skin test.

If you would like to arrange your free laser hair removal consultation, please contact Quinn Clinics.

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