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Laser Hair Removal Bill Proposed

regulations laser hair removalFlorida USA Regulation

A Florida lawmaker wants to put some regulations in place for laser hair removal technicians to protect the public.

Senator Denise Grimsley, Deputy Majority (Republican) Leader is the bill’s Senate sponsor. She explains her proposal:

“This bill requires a licensed electrologists who uses a laser or a pulse-like device to be certified by a national recognized electrology organization and have appropriate training as defined by the Board of Medicine for each device.”

“Currently, certification is only required by rule. It is not in statute. The bill also defines laser hair removal and a laser or pulse-like device as an electronic device approved by the FDA for laser hair removal.”

So far, the measure has passed its first Senate committee.

Laser Hair Removal Legislation UK

Concerns have also been expressed about the weak regulations/guidelines surrounding laser hair removal in the UK; where laser hair removal is entirely unregulated with regard to practitioners, which means that literally anybody could practice without any training or qualifications.

It does appear likely that this area will be more tightly regulated in the future.

Until then patients are advised to choose their practitioners with care.

Find out more in the ‘Buyer’s Guide to Laser Hair Removal‘.

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