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What Does Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

underarms laser hairA very common question among those considering laser hair removal is what does it feel like?

This isn’t a straightforward question to answer, so here are a few answers:

  1. usually it’s less uncomfortable than you might think!
  2. laser hair removal is generally a lot less painful than traditional IPL
  3. also normally much less painful than waxing
  4. the sensation is like having an elastic band snapped against the skin – sharp but short
  5. it is a subjective question – everybody has a different pain threshold or interpretation
  6. it depends on the system/machine used. Some have inbuilt cooling, while others use technology designed for maximum comfort. Older machines are likely to be less comfortable
  7. it also depends on the therapist’s technique
  8. depends on the area being treated
  9. the machine settings also influence how comfortable the experience is

Free Skin Test

A consultation with Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal therapist includes a free skin test, so that you can experience exactly what laser hair removal feels like for you.

This is a really helpful way of putting your mind at ease before you commit to a course of treatment.

The consultation is also recommended to discuss which treatment is most suited to your needs, taking account of the area being treated as well as skin and hair type.

If you would like to arrange your free laser hair removal consultation, please contact Quinn Clinics.

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