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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe in Pregnancy?

pregnancy treatmentsOne question which we are occasionally asked is whether it is safe to have laser hair removal treatment while you are pregnant.

Research on Laser Hair Removal in Pregnancy

There is no specific research stating that it is unsafe to receive laser hair removal treatments while pregnant.

Advice on Laser Hair Removal in Pregnancy

Even though there is no evidence to the contrary, as with so many areas, it is best not to plan laser hair removal treatment during pregnancy. We don’t know whether there are any specific risks, but it is best not to take any chances.

If you find that you are pregnant during a course of laser hair removal, then discuss it with your provider.

GP at Quinn Clinics in Bristol

Quinn Clinics in Bristol is owned and run by a qualfied and practising GP, Dr John Quinn.

Therefore when required, accurate medical advice is available on the compatibility and safety of laser hair removal with any other conditions. Laser hair removal itself is carried out by highly trained and knowledgeable therapists, who can refer to Dr Quinn for any medical advice or queries.

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