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Laser Hair Removal Myth – Not Just for Darker Hair

question markIf you are looking into laser hair removal, then it helps to be armed with the facts.

There are a lot of myths out there and assumptions which can be incorrect or misleading.

We are here to help by tackling some of the misconceptions about laser hair removal treatment.

“It Won’t Work on Darker Skin/Lighter Hair”

Many companies advise that laser hair removal is only really effective where there is a good contrast between the skin and the hair. By this argument, patients with light skin and dark hair can expect the best results while those with tans, darker skin or blonde/fair hair should steer away.

Depends on the Technology

There is a big difference between the capabilities of the machines available on the market.

Cheaper machines tend to be IPL, which does indeed look for colour contrast in order to ‘blitz’ the hair follicle at its root and stop hair regrowing. With IPL, it can actually be quite dangerous to use the treatment where there isn’t a colour contrast between the hair and skin and it can be a painful experience and may cause burns or other skin damage.

However, the latest generation of advanced ‘proper’ laser machines are able to offer results even for tanned skin, dark skin and lighter hair colours. The latest lasers can be configured very precisely to suit the patient’s coloration and this can be adjusted through a course of treatment to take account of any seasonal changes in skin colour or hair (i.e. tan, bleaching).

Check the System

If you are shopping for laser hair removal, it is vital to understand what system is being offered and to ask about any limitations.

Quinn Clinics based in Clifton, Bristol offers a choice of two gold-standard treatment options for patients seeking long-lasting hair removal results.

  1. Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE
  2. Syneron-Candela with MOTIF

This provides patients with the most appropriate option to suit the size, location and colour characteristics of the area being treated.




Quinn Clinics offer a free laser hair removal consultation without any pressure. This is an opportunity to assess the hair and skin type, review the area being treated, discuss the most appropriate system and even carry out a skin test.

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