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Why a Refusal to do Laser Hair Removal Deserves Respect

Jo StokesAt Quinn Clinics, we always reserve the right to refuse treatment for laser hair removal. This policy is not designed to frustrate potential clients but in order to protect them.

Thankfully refusal of treatment is a very rare occurrence and only necessary for specific reasons which would be properly explained and discussed.

However, having the confidence to refuse treatment is an important mark of a good practitioner. It means that they’re placing the safety of the patient and the reputation of their clinic above any short term commercial gain.

As Dr John Quinn explains:

Always respect any practitioner who refuses treatment for your own safety but do expect an explanation and further advice.

At Quinn Clinics, any refusal to offer laser hair removal will be for a specific reason. For example, if the patient is under the age of 18, then treatment will not be possible. Attending for treatment with sunburned skin is also likely to be refused and the appointment would in that case be rearranged.

It is important to understand that while laser hair removal can be seen as a straightforward beauty treatment, there is more to it than might initially be apparent. The lasers used deliver an intensive heat which penetrates the skin to destroy the hair follicle, preventing regrowth. The machine must be individually adjusted to suit the individual’s hair and skin coloration as well as taking account of the hair growth patterns in the area being treated.

If treatment is deemed inappropriate or unsafe then a good practitioner will advise the patient accordingly.

What to do if you’re refused laser hair removal

If you are told that you can’t have laser hair removal, the most important thing is to understand the reasons why and then, depending on the area of concern, you could:

  • ask when treatment might be possible in the future
  • ask if there is any other system which might suit your skin/hair e.g. electrolysis
  • understand if there is anything you can do e.g. avoid sun exposure

A good practitioner will be happy to help you understand the procedure in full. This is what a consultation is designed for.



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