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Men’s Fitness Review Laser Hair Removal

male laser hair removal

American Men’s Fitness Style and Grooming Editor, Barret Wertz, has reviewed laser hair removal with the Lumenis LightSheer laser. 

Men’s Fitness is go-to publication for males interested in health, exercise, lifestyle and nutrition. Their grooming guide gives advice on a variety of issues from sunscreen to mosquito repellent.

The reviewer describes that although not excessively hairy, he has found the back of his neck grows very quickly. Over the years, he’s tried shaving, waxing and even depilatory creams to keep neck hair under control.

He expected laser hair removal to be painful, but says:

“The pain was minimal. It just felt like a slightly warm shock.”

Key points of advice include:

  • Traditional laser hair treatments typically take 6 or so treatments to achieve the desired results because hair has to be treated while in the growth phase. Hairs in the dormant phase, much like white hairs, will not respond to the treatment.
  • The new LightSheer is actually more powerful than its predecessors and can cut the number of times required for expected results in half.
  • Laser hair treatments work best on fair hair and dark skin – so avoid tanning and get treatment done in younger years as it is less effective on grey or white hair.
  • Treatment is actually laser hair reduction as it won’t remove 100% of the hair. However, it should show a definite and noticeable improvement

Full article for more information on Men’s Fitness, Laser Hair Reduction: Worth It?

Lumenis Lightsheer Bristol

The latest ‘new generation’ Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE is now available at Quinn Clinics’ Bristol laser hair removal centre. The system offers gold standard performance and outstanding patient satisfaction.

Male patients are catered for just as much as female and find the clinical setting very reassuring and private.


While many competitors charge for the initial consultation, at Quinn Clinics there is a free consultation to enable patients to find out more without any pressure.

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