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Avoiding Ingrown Hairs

facial hair removalUnwanted facial or body hair is a real nuisance – and considered by many nowadays to be unsightly and symptomatic of a lack of grooming.

For smaller areas of hair growth, such as the eyebrows, many people choose to pluck the hair with tweezers. Some even pluck larger areas such as the top lip, but this can take a while, working each hair one at a time. For larger areas, waxing is a more efficient alternative, pulling out an area of hair at once.

Plucking or tweezing hair is cheap and something that can be done at home, while waxing is more often done in a salon. But all  of these options do have a downside, which is but it does raise the risk of ingrown hairs, which happens when an unruly hair becomes trapped beneath your skin.

An ingrown hair looks and feels a bit like a pimple — red and bumpy – and can be sore or tender to the touch. There are some tips which can help to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs:

  1. Allow each hair to grow at least 1/4- to 1/2-inch long before waxing or plucking. If your hair is too short, it will be difficult to remove.
  2. Rub an AHA (alpha-hydroxy) lotion on the area 2 days before waxing or plucking. This loosens dead skin, so hairs are less likely to get trapped. Apply again 3 days after removing hair.
  3. Exfoliate the skin before treatment to open up pores and get rid of dead skin cells and exfoliate regularly between treatments
  4. Shower or bathe in warm water just before treatment to soften hair and makes it easier to remove
  5. Pluck hairs in the direction of their growth and wax against the direction. This minimises irritation.
  6. Wax an area no more than three times in one session.
  7. Use lavender oil or tea-tree oil after treatment for natural antibacterial and antimicrobial to reduce irritation, infection and ingrown hairs

Alternative Treatments

If this sounds a lot of hassle, let’s be honest, it is.

Ingrown hairs are one of the common reasons why people seek laser hair removal. This is a permanent hair reduction option which destroys hair at the follicle, so that it simply does not regrow. Ingrown hairs become a thing of the past.


Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre in Clifton offers a choice of 2 state of the art laser hair removal machines which offer options for the face or body, even delicate areas.


While many competitors charge for the initial consultation, at Quinn Clinics there is a free consultation to enable patients to find out more without any pressure.

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