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Laser Hair Removal Myth – How Many Sessions

question markThinking about laser hair removal? We help by tackling some of the myths and misconceptions about treatment. 

“Results in one session”

It is a common assumption to believe that laser hair removal will work in just one session.

Many clients do report a noticeable improvement after the first session, with hair growing back finer. However, others may notice very little difference. After the first session an average expectation would be to see a reduction of around 20% of the hair in the treated area, although this will differ between every individual.

It is realistic to say that one session will never be enough to give a good finished result.

The reason is that laser hair removal works to destroy hair follicles while they are in their active growth phase, but at any one time, a person will have a great many more hair follicles which are dormant and therefore unresponsive to the effects of laser.

That’s why laser hair removal is normally recommended as a course of 6 treatments, spaced apart to tackle different sections of hair each time, while it is in the growing phase. 

Discounts on Courses

In order to encourage clients to stick with a full course of laser hair removal and get the best results, Quinn Clinics’ Bristol Laser Hair Removal centre offers a discount with the final treatment in a course of 6 included free of charge (so clients only pay for 5 and receive 6 sessions).

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