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Pros and Cons of Depilatory Creams

leg hair removalThinking about how to remove unwanted face or body hair? Laser hair removal is the gold standard for dealing with hair removal, but there are other options.

Hair removal cream, also known as depilatory cream, is one that some people consider. It is not as popular as shaving, but an array of creams are available, so how do they work and are they worthwhile? Like with all things, there are pros and cons to it.

Hair Removal Cream Pros

  • Removes the hair from the root, causing in turn longer results compared to shaving
  • Works by dissolving the hair at the surface of the skin thanks to active the chemicals in the cream
  • Painless treatment
  • Leaves skin smoother compared to shaving
  • Results last longer than shaving (a day or two extra)
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively cheap per application

Hair Removal Cream Cons

  • Can be messy
  • Takes a few minutes to dissolve the hair, during which you can’t really do anything
  • Requires use of a spatula to remove the cream and hair, followed by a shower
  • Hairs start to return within a few days – much sooner than waxing or laser hair removal
  • Can smell unpleasant, despite fragrances
  • Risk of burns if the cream is left on too long
  • Creams may cause skin sensitivity/allergic reaction
  • Women with dark hair may be left with a shadow
  • Costs can add up with regular use. If you pay £5 to be free of hair on the entire body, but have to repeat treatment 6 times a month, that’s £30 – which could be £360 for a year’s worth of treatment


For best results, more and more people are attracted by laser hair removal, which offers permanent hair reduction over a course of treatment. Another benefit is that regrowth tends to be much finer and less noticeable, so the result is smoother and hair-free for longer.


Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre in Clifton offers advanced laser hair removal with a choice of two systems and experienced laser hair technicians. As the clinic is owned and managed by a practising doctor, standards are high and patients are in safe hands.


While many competitors charge for the initial consultation, at Quinn Clinics there is a free consultation to enable patients to find out more without any pressure.

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