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Daily Telegraph Recommends Laser Hair Removal, Not IPL

in the newsThe Daily Telegraph examines how IPL technology compares to the latest laser hair removal systems.

The article includes important information to help consumers understand the technicalities in order to make the best choice for safe and effective hair removal, providing very valuable advice on the subject.

Does IPL hair removal really work?

The feature can be read in full in the fashion section of the Daily Telegraph website:


The introduction neatly summarises the problem:

Hair removal has come a long way since its humble IPL beginnings.

The good news is that we now have a far more effective hair removal offering available to us in the form of lasers.

The bad news is a more confusing, often risk-associated, world of treatments.

The article reviews the merits of both systems in some detail, speaking to industry experts, laser practitioners and medical experts experienced in the field of permanent hair reduction technology.

The article clearly comes out in favour of laser over IPL for a number of reasons, the top 3 being best illustrated by quotes from experts:

1. Laser is more effective than IPL at removing hair:

“IPL is far less effective than laser hair removal. The energy is produced by a lamp, a little like a light bulb, and produces a variety of light waves, meaning that it is more diffused and less powerful while it is usually limited to use on fairer skin types.”

2. Laser is more comfortable than IPL in terms of the treatment process

“Most experts also agree that laser is considerably less painful than IPL “

3. Laser works better on darker skin/lighter hair than IPL, as IPL targets pigment contrasts between the skin and hair

“If you want effective hair removal, particularly on larger areas and darker skin, laser is more effective.”


Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre has offered laser hair removal for a number of years and enjoys an excellent reputation for great results, thanks to the training, experience and proficiency of the laser practitioners as well as the calibre of laser equipment used.

The clinic now offers a choice of 2 state of the art laser hair removal machines depending on each patient’s unique requirements:

  • Candela elōs Plus with Motif
  • Lumenis Lightsheer


While many competitors charge for the initial consultation, at Quinn Clinics there is a free consultation and skin more without any pressure.

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