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10 Advantages: Laser vs IPL

top 10 advantages laser vs iplMore and more people are turning to laser hair removal and it can be seen as something of a commodity with deals promoted on Groupon and wider availability in high street beauty salons. 

However, it is very important to understand that not all laser hair removal is the same. There are 2 main systems – laser and IPL – which work on different technologies. This means that they are in no means the same – the results and safety differ quite significantly.

It can be a confusing area for new clients or those considering laser hair removal for the first time. That’s why Quinn Clinics are seeking to demystify the decision process for clients.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Laser Vs IPL

  1. Medical Backing – Clinical research suggests that laser achieves better results than (IPL) intense pulsed light in reducing hair growth permanently
  2. Effective Results – Laser generally requires fewer sessions – over 90% of patients have permanent hair reduction after 3-5 sessions with laser, while IPL clients can find themselves extending treatment with many more sessions to achieve the right result
  3. Precision – Lasers use a single, concentrated wavelength of light to precisely target the unwanted hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged, while IPL uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths which are not all effective
  4. Speed – Laser is fast, treating several hairs in a flash. It is a better choice for larger body areas
  5. Adjustability – Laser frequencies are adjusted to each individual’s skin and hair colour
  6. Safety – Laser has a better safety record, whereas there are tales of burns with IPL, especially with darker skin
  7. Range – Lasers can be used to treat all skin and hair colours, whereas IPL will struggle with dark skin or light hair, as it seeks colour contrast of dark hair on light skin
  8. Comfort – Laser is generally far more comfortable than IPL, which can be painful as well as slower
  9. Face or Body – Laser can treat facial hair fast and efficiently with less risk of pigmentation than IPL
  10. Regulation – Laser equipment is regulated as a medical device, whereas IPL is only covered by Health and Safety at Work rules

For more information about laser hair removal, please contact our clinic or request our Guide to Shopping for Laser Hair Removal.


For laser hair removal, we also offer a free consultation and skin test, saving up to £30 compared to the price at other clinics.

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